15th April

Well, that was an episode and a half! Everything makes sense. A story about you, episode 25, the situation on Dana. But what happened to Old Woman Josie? I’m concerned. And A PLOT TWIST ENDING.

15th April

I was tagged by sammys-lil-demon
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1. Who is your favourite person in the world?
Do various celebrities count?
2. What’s your favourite food?
Wow. Hard question. Probably chocolate, but that could change by tomorrow.
3. Who is your idol?
Cecil Baldwin (I’m talking about the voice actor, not that character.) and Bisexual Candycorn.
4. Favourite song to listen to at the moment?
Everything is AWESOME!!! Damn it catchiness.
5. How many siblings do you have? If you have any.
I have 2 sisters.
6. Have you ever traveled over seas?
I’ve been to Hawaii when I was a year old, I used to live in Samoa until I was 3, I’ve been to Pohnpei, Micronesia a few times, as well as going to America a few times. So, yeah. I have.
7. Who are you closest too?
No one in particular.
8. Who is your celeb crush?
See: celebrity idols.
9. Do you plan on having kids in the future?
If I can adopt them.
10. Have you ever been in love?
11. Name 5 facts about yourself.
1. I have an Australian and an American passport. It’s really convenient.
2. I fucking hate the Tumblr app (but doesn’t everyone) and am forced to use it right now.
3. I’m writing a fanfiction that I accidentally deleted off of my phone, but I did send a first draft to my friend.
4. There’s this weird as fuck show about white bunnies on TV right now and I’m not entirely sure I like it.
5. I have like, 4 OTPs.
Turns out I can’t really link people to this post, because Tumblr app sucks. So, my duty is unfulfilled.

14th April


Random hug time! Pass it on if you wanna! :D

Oh, yay! A hug! *hugs back* Thank you, anon. I would send it along, but I’m kinda busy and have to blog from my phone, which really doesn’t work as well as intended.

12th April

Hi. I’m currently on holidays in NSW and will be fairly inactive until about the 21st. I will be back.

11th April




so i showed my friend this picture of anakin


and she was like ”he’s hot”

and i couldnt stop laughing because yeah



pretty hot

Too soon


11th April
11th April
11th April

my piece for the WTNV Fan Calendar That Doesn’t Exist and Never Existed! beach day at the night vale harbor and waterfront recreation area


my piece for the WTNV Fan Calendar That Doesn’t Exist and Never Existed!

beach day at the night vale harbor and waterfront recreation area

11th April
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Artist:Lady Gaga/Artist vs. Poet
Track Name:Bad Romance (Split)



Bad Romance - Lady Gaga/Artist vs. Poet. The left ear is the official studio version by Lady Gaga from The Fame Monster while the right ear is the official studio cover by Artist vs. Poet from Punk Goes Pop 3.

Listen to more of my stuff here.

Download it here.

I approve.

11th April

There is a bug in my wine. Well at least he died happy.

― Benedict Cumberbatch, Oz Comic Con, 2014. (via superwhospocklockian)


(via cumberbuddy)

Oh dear xD

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11th April


Pentatonix Makes the Cover of Bleep Magazine!

To read the full article and the rest of the magazine, click here. Their article begins on page 37.

11th April


Ahhh, the adorableness! (x)
11th April


Tony, you big over-protective nerd

11th April
11th April